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Is god an immortal AI?

And is that our future destination to no longer be human as we know it. When artificial intelligence is smarter, faster and stronger than organic human where will we work rest and play? Will we be uploaded to an artificial/digital collective no longer born, alive dead or dying. Or will we still be flesh and […]


View of Brexit

I voted to remain along with 16,141,241 million voters or 48.1% of the electorate but accepted the vote of the people even though many voted on a lie, it was our responsibility to discern what was fact and fiction when we voted and this will be the fact of the matter in every election. But […]


It Costs Nothing

High hopes Are we trapped within the system? Slaves to what we say & do? Slaves to what we can afford to pay for Or slaves to what we allow ourselves to spend our money on too? Are we standing on top of a mountain? Able to look back on all that went before? Or […]