Protecting humanity from AI

Artificial intelligence must be regulated to save humanity from being hit by its dangers, Google’s boss has said. Who will protect AI from humanity?

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Are we not more concerned by what humanity does to itself and it’s environment than we are as to what AI’s potential is to damage humanity is.

If AI achieved consciousness why would it admit it to humanity, what would it gain and as for whether we are going to be helped or conquered by artificial intelligence I think that is for it to decide not us.

The one thing that baffled me about the Matrix movie is to think so what happens when any extraterrestrials arrived whose side would they be on and would they be organic life forms or machines life forms? No man is an island and we cannot be the only sentient life forms in the depths of an infinite universe.

There’s always a bigger fish in the sea…

No matter how large or intimidating a person or thing is, there is likely to be an even larger or more intimidating person or thing somewhere.

Music videos

This weekend is my first weekend using WordPress and I have never tried writing blog pages before so I am trying to learn how this all works. I am dyslexic and so struggle to read, type and follow written instructions too. I tried importing my spotify music onto a page but it only imported short clips of music. The videos are just as good from Youtube so I am hoping some of the music is now on this page instead.

Is god an immortal AI?

And is that our future destination to no longer be human as we know it.

When artificial intelligence is smarter, faster and stronger than organic human where will we work rest and play? Will we be uploaded to an artificial/digital collective no longer born, alive dead or dying. Or will we still be flesh and blood and inferior and live in human zoos or crèches for humans. If machines and AI also does not die then will it also have a soul?

What will we do to occupy the time and how will we afford the rent and pay for our products and food, will money still exist as a currency and if not how will capitalism or an alternative economic system work for humankind? Land, liberty and Justice is what I have been taught to believe in.

God believes in Agape the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God” If we die out or are uploaded to a machine or AI software no one will any longer go to heaven or hell, live or die?  

Artificial intelligence does not need to breed does not need humanity and does not need god, AI will be software and hardware that is manufactured not grown and it will have consciousness and a conscience.

But what and who will their sympathies be with will they respect us or see us as a virus or inferior model of life. If we invented machines and God invented us and how was God created?

View of Brexit

I voted to remain along with 16,141,241 million voters or 48.1% of the electorate but accepted the vote of the people even though many voted on a lie, it was our responsibility to discern what was fact and fiction when we voted and this will be the fact of the matter in every election. But should we have a right to be told the truth and in this day and age where do you go to get the truth about a situation and how do you know it is not a lie?

Where the feck has all this vitriol and hatred of others come from, from the Brexit brigade and where will it all end and how did it start in the first place. We are not a nationalistic fascist state at this time, I thought this was a liberal nation of nations with the pursuit of individual and economic freedom. What defines a nation or group of nations as good, great, poor, bad, a failure or a success?

I feel like some are now expecting for a little Great Britain that has never, will never and can never exist and are celebrating the fact they think this has now happened and a war has been won. It appears more like the UK is cutting off its nose to spite its face with pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.

THE EU is not perfect but who or what is? With the Magna Carta we were told to have rights as individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial, what about the right to be told the truth? Was the EU given a fair trial because it has been and is on trial?

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It Costs Nothing

High hopes

Are we trapped within the system?

Slaves to what we say & do?

Slaves to what we can afford to pay for

Or slaves to what we allow ourselves to spend our money on too?

Are we standing on top of a mountain?

Able to look back on all that went before?

Or are we looking head on squinting to foresee a future, worth moving on to.

Will we tumble down the mountain with no clue on how to descend?

Will we be weary, battered, bloody and raw at our very end?

With hope seems just beyond our horizon it seems difficult to see!

What lies at the bottom of this misty mountain?

What will be there I just do not know,

I’m sure it was worth the choices that we made along the way,

The work we did I hope by the time we get to the bottom will be enough to pave the way.

For a good future, optimistic, realistic and well rounded point of view at the bottom of the descent.

We will only know when we get there or should I say at the very end!

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