My loyalties lie with the existence of life

Diversity & inclusion Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of the way existence works. Life wants to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people, regardless of their background and make best use of their talents. Guided by values in everything we do, and recognise that being a diverse andContinue reading “My loyalties lie with the existence of life”

Time for Trump Truth

Twitter tags Trump tweet with fact-checking warning Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Image copyright EPA Image caption Donald Trump accused Twitter of interfering in the 2020 presidential election in the US A post by US President Donald Trump has been given a fact-checkContinue reading “Time for Trump Truth”

Don’t stick with stones

Anthony of Padua From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search For the Italian film, see Anthony of Padua (film). For others known as Saint Anthony, see Saint Anthony. SaintAnthony of Padua Anthony of Padua by Francisco de Zurbarán, 1627–1630 Evangelical DoctorHammer of HereticsProfessor of MiraclesDoctor of the Church Born 15 August 1195Lisbon,Continue reading “Don’t stick with stones”

Equality, beliefs and a democratic beast

Victories are not written for or by a mortal winner in the eyes of an omnipresent God If you are Godless do not justify your actions as Godlike for God will see through your veil. If you know what you are doing is wrong, do not seek to coat or lace your actions as ifContinue reading “Equality, beliefs and a democratic beast”

Bovine Boris prior reasoning to be committed

Cabinet had given HS2 “green signal“. One of Boris’s motos appears to be if in a hole keep digging. The biggest infrastucture project for 100 years. What will be the cost? Of the 67 MPs constituencies crossed for HS2 high speed rail linked the majority object to it being built in their constituencies. Thatcher bannedContinue reading “Bovine Boris prior reasoning to be committed”

Bovine Boris Government Strikes Again

The adjective bovine is used for anything that has to do with animals from the genus “Bos,” which classifies wild and domestic cattle. … What are known as cow pies are, in fact, bovine droppings. People can be described as bovine if they are intellectually dull, slow-moving, or somewhat cow-like in their appearance.bovine – DictionaryContinue reading “Bovine Boris Government Strikes Again”

Stop HS2 – UK Civil Service Fraud and manipulation

Above is yet another example of how the UK state mechanics fail’s the people, politicians and legal mechanisms of the UK. If the civil service have to resort to lying to set and maintain their agenda, then it is important to know what exactly that agenda is. In the mist of time they have probablyContinue reading “Stop HS2 – UK Civil Service Fraud and manipulation”

The fact of the matter/the truth of the matter?

Definition of ’the fact of the matter/the truth of the matter’ phrase You use the fact of the matter is or the truth of the matter is to introduce a fact which supports what you are saying or which is not widely known, for example because it is a secret. The fact of the matter isContinue reading “The fact of the matter/the truth of the matter?”

We do not stand alone in this fight

So the world health organisation has just announced we may never find a cure. That covin-19 might never be eradicated. But one thing we must take into the calculation is that life finds a way and we are not alone in this battle as the virus burns its way across our earth it keeps onContinue reading “We do not stand alone in this fight”